Certified Kind mentioned in Forbes Magazine

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Why You Should Smoke a Bull Run Craft Cannagar

Certified Kind farm Bull Run Craft Cannabis had their 7 gram Cannagar loaded with their award winning Silver Tip cannabis reviewed by Forbes writer Warren Bobrow.  

"If the words, Farm to Jar mean something to you, then you'll know that corporate weed is far from your go/to for pleasure, medication and relaxation.

And, if the quality statement, Certified Kind and the term Farm to Jar are unknown to you, then perhaps a short coast-to-coast flight from here to Oregon will enlighten your mind and your sensibilities. You’d be in for a massive treat and certainly the experience will be otherworldly for your East Coast, buttoned-down sensibilities and your inner dreams and imagination. But what does this have to do with Farm to Jar? Let’s just say that out on the ‘left’ coast, growers have been propagating and harvesting the finest craft cannabis for decades, with tasty results that consistently charm and mystify." Read the full review on Forbes here.

andrew black