Since the federal government will not allow organic certification of cannabis or cannabis products, producers need their own certification standard. Growers and edibles producers are not legally allowed to use the term "Organic" to label are market their products. Certified Kind was started as an alternative to USDA Organic certification. Certified Kind offers an effective and transparent way for cannabis producers to prove their commitment to earth-friendly production practices that meet, and in some cases, exceed USDA Organic standards.

Certification For Farms and Processors

The Certified Kind program allows growers and processors of legal cannabis to obtain alternative third-party verification that their crops and products are grown to the Certified Kind standard. Certified Kind members are able to use the Certified Kind name and logo to differentiate their products and support earth-kind farming. 

The Certified Kind logo offers peace of mind to consumers that want a pure product using earth-kind practices. No other cannabis certification provides the same level of integrity, knowledge, or value to the emerging cannabis marketplace.

Certification For Retailers

We are passionate about empowering organic cannabis farmers. One of the most important steps toward accomplishing that goal is educating consumers about the importance of choosing Certified Kind cannabis. By labeling Certified Kind products at the consumer level, your dispensary can help consumers make informed decisions, using their dollar to support the sustainable farming practices our farms are known for.