Sun+Earth Standards

Certified Kind is inclusive of all organic growers regardless of whether the farm is an indoor or an outdoor farm. We believe in our mission to empower organic farmers! We hold growers accountable to standards that have been widely accepted all over the world as the gold standard in sustainable farming. Organic agriculture is a movement that has been around for a long time and is currently seeing commercial success. In the last 40 years, hundreds of thousands of acres of land has converted to organic farming by essentially going back to the sustainable roots of agriculture and building and caring for the soil.  Outdoor cannabis farming is essential as a model for true carbon-footprint reduction and we need to support outdoor cannabis production. This is especially important in areas with a long and storied history of growing medical cannabis, places where shifting state regulations have made it difficult for small scale homestead farmers to make a living doing what they do best.  

In an effort to help the cannabis homestead farms that grow under the sun using the most sustainable, organic, regenerative farming practices possible, Certified Kind and The Cannabis Conservancy have worked together to create the Sun+Earth Certified program. This is a non-profit project designed to promote sungrown, ultra-sustainable cannabis production. Sun+Earth Certified is for outdoor farms that make almost all their own fertility inputs with on-farm resources. You can read these standards here, and make public comments until Oct. 1, 2018. 

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