Certified Kind Fees For Farms 

Certified Kind combines the cost of the inspection and certification administration fees into one flat rate. The first year fee for inspection and certification is $2500. The price also includes a comprehensive residue test of plant tissue we sample at inspection.

For micro-tiers, the cost is $2000.

The certification must be renewed annually and this requires an onsite inspection to verify continued compliance to the Certified Kind rules of production.

For Outdoor and Greenhouse Farms, with less than 80K square feet of flowering canopy area, the renewal price is $2500.

For Industrial Hemp farms, the renewal price is $2500.

Renewal fees for indoor recreational or medical cannabis farm operations are calculated from the size of the flowering canopy of the operation.

The tables below summarize the annual renewal costs for indoor adult use recreational or medical operations.



Payment Options

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4 Payments (includes $100 processing fee)
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Donate to our Pesticide Residue Detection Program. Donations will help to offset the costs of sampling and lab analysis.

Indoor Certification Cost

The minimum renewal cost for certification is $2500 for indoor flowering canopy of 5,000 square feet or less. For each additional square foot of flowering canopy space above 5,000 square feet, there is an additional fee of $0.20 per square foot.


Certification Fees For Processors

Post harvest processing of a crop includes a long list of potential activities such as sorting, packing, extracting, preparing, and cooking. Processors often focus on extracting oils and creating single or multi-ingredient products like vape pens, edibles, or topically applied products.

Certification fees for processors are calculated based off total volume of processing of Certified Kind products. Please contact us for more information and/or for a price quote.

Certification Fees For Retailers

Retail Certification is a new Certified Kind program. The cost for a Retail Certification is $1750.00. We are offering our first 10 participating retailers an introductory, first-year, flat-rate price of $750.00. Become one of the first Certified Kind Sustainability Partner Dispensaries

Inspection Travel Costs

Please note, Travel Costs vary depending on the availability of local Certified Kind inspectors, as well as Certified Kind’s ability to schedule multiple inspections on individual inspection trips. Travel Costs include customary travel expenses incurred during an inspection trip such as mileage, airfare, meals, and overnight lodging as applicable. Prior to inspection, Certified Kind will provide the Certified Kind client an estimate of the Travel Costs. Travel Costs will be invoiced to the client after the inspection and final certification will be contingent on full compliance to the Certified Kind rules as well as payment of all Fees and Travel Costs. Certified Kind will make every effort to reduce Travel Costs.