The Certified Kind Big Green List

The Big Green List shows which generic materials are allowed in Certified Kind production. Some of the materials on The Big Green List are allowed with specific restrictions. If a substance is not on The Big Green List, then it is not allowed. Please contact Certified Kind staff to discuss which fertility and pest control materials are allowed for use in our certification program. It is essential that you get this part of your farm management program right. If you apply a prohibited substance to your land, soil, or plants, it could delay your ability to get certification.

Allowed Soil Fertility Products

There are more than 4000 soil fertility materials approved for use in Certified Kind farming. These fertility products have been approved for use in organic agriculture by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), the Washington Department of Agriculture (WSDA), or the the California Department of Agriculture Organic Input Materials List (CDFA). There are also many organic approved pest control materials allowed in Certified Kind farming. You can search for allowed products on these lists. If you need additional information or orientation please contact us.

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Certified Kind Material Review Program

Certified Kind also conducts in-house Material Review using protocols to ensure ingredients used to make soil amendments, fertilizers, potting soils, microbial products, and pest control products meet accepted organic standards. Our system of material review is extremely thorough and is implemented using similar protocols that other material review organizations use like OMRI, WSDA Organic, CDFA OIM, and Oregon Tilth. Our team has years of experience reviewing materials for use in organic agriculture.

Companies that choose to get their product formally approved by Certified Kind go the extra mile to prove their products are truly allowed in organic farming and support Certified Kind's mission of empowering organic cannabis farmers. To learn more about our Material Review Program please contact us.