The Certified Kind Material Review Program is currently offering certification of organic soil fertility, pest control materials, and farm production aids. 

Materials manufacturers that want to use the Certified Kind logo to promote their products should consider participating in this program!

Certified Kind material review specialists evaluate each ingredient in a product to determine if it is allowed in organic farming. All ingredients in a product must be allowed per the Certified Kind Big Green List and the USDA's National Organic Program rules.

Our independent review of materials helps growers know which fertilizers, pesticides, and potting soils are allowed in Certified Kind and organic production. We uphold the quality standards the organic farming community expects, but have developed a streamlined evaluation process that allows for a fast turn-around time. This allows materials manufacturers to connect with potential customers quickly, while the Certified Kind logo helps manufacturers speak directly to cannabis growers. 

If you are interested in getting your product evaluated and listed as an approved Certified Kind material, you can request an application by sending the form below. 

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