Certified Kind Businesses

Certified Kind is available for licensed growers, processors, and manufacturers in states that have adult-use or medical cannabis programs. If you don’t see your state represented below, but would like to participate, please contact us.

Farms and processors actively participating in the certification program are listed here, categorized by location. Each of these companies have developed an organic management plan and have been through a rigorous inspection process verifying compliance to the Certified Kind rules of production.



Oregon - OLCC Tier 2

Oregon - OLCC Tier 2

54 Green Acres

Everything we grow is organic. We have blueberries, hops, and apples trees that were planted in 2009. We grow tomatoes, beans, popcorn, hops, melons, many types of lettuce, and lots of other vegetables.Our green house and hoop house enable us to extend the season through the winter. Cannabis plants are grown organically at 54 Green Acres.These plants reach heights averaging 12 feet during their vegetative state. A variety of indica and sativa plants are grown here under the watchful eyes of our master growers. The sun shines brightly and fresh water is provided from the mountain creek that flows for 1/2 mile through the farm.


Apex Hemp Oil

Apex Hemp Oil is a Oregon Based USDA Organic Cold Pressed CBD OIL extraction company. We process only USDA certified Organic seeds and plants  for the cleanest purest oils on earth. We strive for purity and potency in all of our Apex brand products. From seed to seal our loyal customers have the confidence that the products that they are consuming are safe healthy and free of unwanted pesticides, chemicals, solvents or additives. Apex Hemp Oil is the pinnacle of quality.

Oregon - Industrial Hemp

Oregon - Industrial Hemp

Armonia Farms

Family owned and operated wholistic 10 acre industrial hemp farm, dedicated to organic farming practices and growing industrial hemp for helping the world.

Oregon - OLCC Micro

Oregon - OLCC Micro

Gaia's Ganja Garden

Gaia's Garden grows indoor medicine with love and with dedication to organic farming practices. Everything in the universe is energy and Gaia's Ganja Garden vibrates to a higher consciousness to produce potent medicine for patients. We believe that the finest cannabis comes from growers who use the finest natural and organic ingredients. With a focus of intention and attention, we spare no time or expense to make sure that the end product is the best quality.

Oregon- OLCC Tier 2

Oregon- OLCC Tier 2

Genesis Pharms

The foundation of Genesis Pharms is deeply rooted in the belief of the power of cannabis to help and to heal. An extraordinary personal healing experience helped shape Sean and Kassy Beeman’s passion for reducing pain and suffering in others. With this first hand knowledge, they knew they had to share the herb’s capabilities with those in need. Read Sean's story. That’s how Genesis Pharms was born. They have since grown into a compassionate community of like minded folks, generating top quality cannabis products made with love and care. With almost 20 years of experience in the medical marijuana industry, and over 5 years of experience in cannabis extractions, Genesis Pharms is taking the lead in setting quality standards for the industry.

Oregon - OLCC Tier 2

Oregon - OLCC Tier 2

Green Source Gardens

In order to achieve a healthy biological soil ecosystem it requires a commitment to not disturbing the communities of soil life that thrive if left undisturbed. We understand the importance of polyculture gardens where diverse plant species work in collaboration with one another to achieve their highest potential as medicine. Our gardens are planted with dynamic accumulators that increase aroma, vigor, potency, and overall health. Because we foster functioning ecosystems of life, no insect is a pest! We have never, and never will, use any form of pesticide on our gardens! The only thing we spray on our plants is water from our spring that sits at the top of an isolated watershed in the King Mountain appellation.

Our methods are rooted in experience and influenced by research, including but not limited to the growing styles dictated by Bio-dynamics, Permaculture, Hugelkulture, Indigenous Agriculture, and Love. It is time to promote agricultural practices that not only provide us with healthy thriving biomass but also heal and build soil!


Oregon - Industrial Hemp

Oregon - Industrial Hemp


Located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, with over 14-acres and approximately 24,000 feminized plants, HEMPTEK is one of Oregon's premier suppliers of organically grown 50:1 hemp CBD flower and whole-plant extract. 

Although it takes a lot more work & effort, our farm is 100% ORGANIC. That means that only OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) Certified products are used and all plants are nurtured and taken care of by hand. That's right. No pesticides and harmful chemicals are ever used. 

" Because it's easier & cheaper to do, most farms use pesticides and toxic chemicals to control weed growth. On our farm, it takes a team of 10-workers day after day to pull weeds by hand. It's harder and more expensive from a labor standpoint, but it's the right thing to do. #NoChemicalsEver #AlwaysOrganic @HemptekUSA"

Do you want chemicals in your product?

Oregon - Industrial Hemp

Oregon - Industrial Hemp

Little Red Hen Farm

This farm grows high-CBD industrial hemp in the high desert of Central Oregon.  We offer bulk CBD flower and ground CBD flower ready for extraction. With a background in nursing and passion for plants, we have selected high CBD hemp varieties that have the power to heal.  

Oregon - OLCC Tier 2

Oregon - OLCC Tier 2

Massive Seed

Massive trichomes, massive terpenes and massive yields! Massive Seeds produces seed especially suited for organic outdoor growers. Sungrown organically in Oregon.

Oregon - OLCC Tier 2

Oregon - OLCC Tier 2

Old Apple Farm

When we first found the property in 2016, one of our founders brought his two year old twins to pick apples in the farm's old orchard. It didn't take long before they started calling the place "Old Apple Farm" and it stuck! 

The farm itself has been in almost continuous operation for over 105 years, supporting everything from cattle and hay to a variety of small farm animals. We are now an OLCC licensed, tier II cannabis producer with greenhouse and outdoor grow programs. The farm's perfect soil and pristine spring water help us  produce premier cannabis products organically.  

We are an owner-run operation with  nearly 20 years combined cultivation experience in all mediums and climates. Each Old Apple Farm plant is meticulously fussed over daily by our owner growers. We are dedicated to passing our love for cannabis cultivation on to you, one bud at a time. 

Oregon - OLCC Tier 2

Oregon - OLCC Tier 2


Deep in the heart of Oregon's Rogue River watershed, Roganja plants grow massive kolas with strong aroma and flavor. Roganja works the farm with love and care just like you'd treat family. The deep regenerative farming practices include fall and spring cover crops that help enrich the soil and enhance natural nutrient cycling. 

  • Tucked away in a beautiful irrigated pasture with native soil.

  • Gravity fed by irrigation water from Big Butte springs.

  • Grown from exclusive bioregional strains from Massive Seeds.

  • Leader in sustainable sungrown cannabis of the highest quality.

  • Owned and operated by two brothers who learned organic cannabis cultivation from their dad who grew cannabis on the same land since 1975.


OLCC - Tier 2

OLCC - Tier 2

Rogue River Family Farms

Here at Rogue River Family Farms our family is the foundation on which our operation is built upon. Hard work and the determination to provide is what keeps us going. Farming is part of our genetics as much as the strains we produce. This all started with an idea from humble beginnings, and the endless support of family and friends will keep us deeply rooted in our community. Our sights are set on expansion, diversification, and constantly striving to produce the best outdoor cannabis around. Our plants are supplied directly from mountain shed streams and natural rays. 

Being certified kind is a testament to everything we’ve done to get here and we’re only getting started.

Oregon - OLCC Tier 2

Oregon - OLCC Tier 2

The Plant

The Plant is a small team of professional organic farmers and master cannabis growers. Collectively we have over a hundred years of experience growing certified organic fruits and vegetables on a small commercial scale and artisan grade marijuana. In addition to nourishing our community with fresh produce, we have been honing in our cannabis skills since, 'back in the day'... We plant our cannabis directly into native soil raised beds. We take the same approach with our ganja plants as we do with other organic farm crops by protecting and nourishing the earth, treating the soil as a living organism. Our tightly knit crew truly enjoys rolling up our sleeves and pouring our hearts into producing cannabis flowers of the highest quality!

Oregon - OLCC - Tier 1

Oregon - OLCC - Tier 1

Upper Rogue Terraces

2018 has been a great year for Upper Rogue Terraces.   Using seed plants started on site in combination with plant spacing, beneficial insects, wind, and intense vegetation management we avoided using pesticides of any kind.  Our site contains an amazing diversity of insects with native plants amongst the main crop and is surrounded by a pristine natural environment. 

We are constantly working the plants looking for problems and making sure they are well supported and clean.  All day sun, Rogue river water, raised beds over native soil, and the surrounds make this site special for growing organic cannabis. We are dedicated to growing the finest cannabis with natural light and with a positive impact on the environment.

Oregon - OLCC - Tier 1

Oregon - OLCC - Tier 1

Verdant Leaf Farms

Verdant Leaf Farms was founded by the combination of a remarkable passion for cannabis cultivation, a limitless interest in the application of the scientific method, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. 

Verdant Leaf looks to combine technology and innovation with natural farming practices to provide a clean, potent, and sustainable product to cannabis enthusiast throughout Oregon.

Oregon - Industrial Hemp

Oregon - Industrial Hemp

Whole Circle Farms

We strive to grow the highest quality hemp using sustainable, ethical and organic practices. Our hemp CBD products are crafted with the same care and attention that we give to growing our hemp. We are passionate stewards of our planet and we believe in the healing power of our products. Our family moved to Oregon after 22 years of farming organic almonds and pomegranates in California. We named our farm Whole Circle Farm because we believe that everything is connected. Air, Water, healthy, nutrient-dense soil and the environment including natural insects to work their magic are all part of that circle. We believe farming organically is essential to being sustainable in today's agricultural environment. Learn more about Whole Circle Farms and our hemp teas, and CBD products.

Oregon - OLCC - Tier 2

Oregon - OLCC - Tier 2

Yerba Buena

Yerba Buena is an energetic, imaginative group of highly skilled and extraordinarily experienced horticulturists intent on setting and maintaining consummate performance and quality standards that earn the loyalty and ongoing business of our clients, consumers and the industry.

“We have built our company on a foundation of innovation and integrity. By innovating, we produce more sustainable results and through integrity we set higher standards. We are very proud of what we do and hope to inspire others to push the industry forward.”




Delux California/Real Organics

Mendocino sungrown natural cannabis.  


Nowhere Else Farm

Beautiful plants grown under the sun with care in the heart of Mendocino County.




PhenofarmNV and EcoNevada (Liht Cannabis Companies)

Our 2 entities are NV State certified Cannabis cultivation facilities, with EcoNevada also certified as a Production Facility for the extraction of concentrates and infusing of edible goods.  Our mission from the beginning was to cultivate cannabis following organic practices and, due to the extreme weather conditions in Las Vegas, NV, we chose indoor production to ensure quality.   We are dedicated to bringing an element of sustainability and environmental stewardship to the cannabis industry.   We will instill consumer confidence in our usable flower brand "Fiore" which carries the Certified Kind label as well as two other organically cultivated Certifications.  This "Triple Certified" product shows our commitment to cultivation adhering to organic standards, excellence in cultivation and our ability to give consumers a premium choice when selecting a cannabis product.  Consumers will begin to know the Certified Kind label means we are Kind to Life, Kind to Earth.



Washington - Recreational I502

Washington - Recreational I502

Zoobees Doobees Earthly Organics

Zoobees Doobees offers whole flower, pre-rolled "doobees", kief, and trim. These guys grow a rare and hardy heirloom called Yeti's Duke they discovered in the wilds of Montana. If you are lucky, you will have an encounter with the Yeti soon. Also be on the lookout for Zoobees Doobees pre-rolled joints....

"My belief in organically grown cannabis is that people should experience more benefits other than THC and CBD. Only with organically grown cannabis can high levels of beneficial oils and terpenes be produced. Oils and terpenes are what bring out the smells and aromas along with medicinal benefits."



We are currently accepting application for certification from farms in Nevada. Join the Certified Kind movement!



We are currently accepting application for certification from farms in Colorado. Join the Certified Kind movement!



Galenas - Certified Kind Midwest Organic Cannabis.png


Galenas is a patient-focused, craft cannabis cultivator located in the Midwest United States. We utilize first-in-class technology to produce the highest grade medical cannabis for patients.From day one, Galenas’ leadership team has been committed to preserving Earth and Her resources, minimizing our footprint, and mitigating our impact on the environment. These core values helped us set standards of cultivation and production that elevate us above other Midwestern medical cannabis cultivators. Ultimately, our dedication to these efforts resulted in state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading methods.



We are currently accepting application for certification from farms in Oklahoma. Join the Certified Kind movement!



We are currently accepting application for certification from farms in Vermont. Join the Certified Kind movement!



We are currently accepting application for certification from farms in Massachusetts. Join the Certified Kind movement!