Certified Kind: Certification for Responsibly Grown Cannabis

This Certified Kind farmer was outstanding in his field.

Certified Kind is an earth-friendly way of farming rooted firmly in the idea that the way we farm is just as important as the yield. Certified Kind is a private sustainable agricultural standard intended for state-sanctioned cannabis growers and processors who want to prove they are committed to earth kind production. The goal of Certified Kind growers is to produce crops in harmony with natural systems using methods that are Kind to Life and Kind to Earth.

The Certified Kind program is unique because it allows producers of industrial hemp, legal cannabis, and cannabis products to obtain third-party certification confirming their products are produced in a way that is kind to life and kind to the planet.

Since USDA Organic certification is not yet allowed for Cannabis, Certified Kind exists to offer certification for the organic cannabis farmer and processor. Certified Kind growers are able to use the Certified Kind name and logo to differentiate their crop and support earth-friendly cannabis production. 

 Why Certified Kind?

This short video shows you three online sources for determining if a pesticide or fertilizer is allowed in Certified Kind production.


Certified Kind is the perfect choice for cannabis farmers that need certification in the emerging legal market. Medical marijuana cultivators in 27 states and professional cannabis growers in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Washington can get certification for their organic cannabis and organic cannabis products. Growers can sleep easy with Certified Kind as their certifier because we don't cut corners. Certified Kind growers go through rigorous inspection. When USDA Organic certification becomes available for cannabis, Certified Kind growers will be prepared and ready.

Patients need to know their medicine hasn't been grown using pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers. Cannabis connoisseurs want to know their herb will have the flavor and burn of a plant grown with organic nutrients. And no one wants to smoke pesticide residues! Growers in four states have joined Certified Kind for their own peace of mind and to prove to the rest of the world that they truly are committed to organic, sustainable, ecological, regenerative, Certified Kind farming practices. The cultivation of living soil brings health to life, which is the ultimate goal of Certified Kind growers.