Nexus One

All of our plants are grown using the power of the sun and native soil outdoors. This is the only sustainable way to produce cannabis. We use less electricity, less water, and less resources than most other producers. Our focus has been to grow great cannabis using nature rather than maximizing profits. We feel that cannabis is a medicinal plant and our entire company is devoted to that end. Medicine requires pesticide-free growing and organic input sources to reduce the risk of harm to patients.


Wolf Kind

Wolf Kind produces top-shelf, small batch, sun-grown cannabis products for medical use. We've offered the highest quality medicine for over 15 years. We believe our certification is the transparent way for us to prove our commitment to human health and we proudly promote earth friendly cannabis production methods. Our plants breath some of the cleanest air on the planet! We are all about producing premium medicine using the most organic methods possible. If you are going to call yourself an organic grower you better get certified and prove it.


Wolf Kind 2

This OMMP medical garden is lovingly tended by a second generation cannabis farmer who likes to fish, bow hunt, and grow herb. Ideally located on a mountain between the valley heat and coastal breezes, you might think this garden is in the perfect location. However, at Wolf Kind 2 the true secret to success is hard work and attention to detail...and some kickin' compost tea.


OG Farms

At OG Farms we strive to deliver superior medical quality cannabis grown at the highest levels of integrity. For almost 10 years our farm consistently produces top quality strains grown under the southern Oregon sun, hang dried to ensure proper curing and always trimmed by hand. We don't cut corners or use chemical formulas or silly trickery. We use OMRI listed inputs and treat our plants with consciousness and care. Our preventative pest control follows a strict adherence to acceptable products and we hold a firm belief that using chemicals to increase yields our combat pests is inappropriate for medical growers.

Gaia's Ganja Garden

Gaia's Garden grows indoor medicine with love and with dedication to organic farming practices. Everything in the universe is energy and Gaia's Garden vibrates to a higher consciousness to produce potent medicine for patients. We believe that the finest cannabis comes from growers who use the finest natural and organic ingredients. With a focus of intention and attention, we spare no time or expense to make sure that the end product is the best quality.

TJ's Organic Gardens

We believe we are different because we are committed to growing effective medicine and not just weed that can get you really high. It’s not fully understood yet, the precise components within the plant that are so successful in treating and healing so many medical issues, but it’s generally agreed that CBD is medicinal. We are fully convinced that it’s more than just CBD and THC. The marijuana plant is capable of producing around 200 different compounds called terpenes. Terpenes are found in all plant life and they are directly responsible for what we smell and taste. Terpenes are the natural solvents in a plant and we believe key in making the CBD and other medicinal aspects of the plants therapeutically available. We are committed to the pursuit of growing perfect marijuana. Not  just ‘great bud’ or ‘an excellent high’, but of developing and acquiring spectacular genetics and then fully allowing the plant to reach its natural, genetic potential, THEN processing at such a time and in such a way as to allow our medicine to be exactly what it is naturally capable of. That’s what perfect marijuana means to us.


NW Grown

NW Grown is a labor of love for the plant and its healing properties. Gratitude for this miraculous plant and the opportunity to grow hundreds of them legally in central Washington's sun-drenched fertile farm soils is the fuel that drives this farm. NW Grown started with dozens of different strains and have selected only the best to bring to Washington's recreational cannabis market. It takes time and dedication to develop a truly organic farming system, and NW Grown is committed to growing organic cannabis that will make you smile.