Services Overview

Certified Kind's mission is to empower organic cannabis farmers and processors. Why? Organic agriculture is protective and nurturing of farm fields, our air, and water shed. Organically produced products are grown without toxic synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or GMO's. Simply put, organic agriculture is a solution to the chemical mess and environmental injustices caused by large-scale, industrial agricultural practices designed to put profit ahead of healthy people and a healthy planet. Organic cannabis farmers need a way to create a market that values the extra work and dedication it takes to grow top-shelf products using regenerative, organic production practices. Certification, education, consulting, and materials review are services that our team of organic specialists offer towards creating a robust and transparent market for true organic cannabis. We are on a mission. Will you join us? 

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Certification for cannabis producers, processors, and retailers represents the natural evolution of the legal cannabis marketplace. Sadly, the majority of food crops are grown using synthetic fertilizers and poisons (pesticides). So as cannabis and industrial hemp emerge as new crops for farmers, it is essential that the organic cannabis grower is supported. We have an opportunity to create a new model for growing the nation's newest legal agricultural crop without dependence on chemical fertilizers and poisons. Our certification program is a four-step process that is a tremendous value for any organic farm, processor, or retailer. 



Certified Kind's team of organic farming experts bring valuable insight and information to every producer or processor that goes through the certification process. Having the right information at the right time can save your company tens of thousands of dollars. Education is the cornerstone of the Certified Kind certification process. Education, and the empowerment that comes with knowledge about organic farming systems is a byproduct of certification. Certified kind also offers work-place training for budtenders and retailers about organic farming practices, Certified Kind certification, and current USDA National Organic program policies on organic labeling of cannabis products.  

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Focused Learning

If you need help designing an organic soil fertility or organic plant nutrient schedule for your organic production system we can help you. Also, it's especially important to understand the life cycles of the pests that can attack your crops. Certified Kind build custom schedules for preventing and controlling pests like hemp russet mite, broad mite, root aphids, grey mold, powdery mildew and spider mites. Talk to us today if you think you need a solution.   .

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Materials Review

The Certified Kind Material Review program is modeled after the same material review process used by OMRI and Oregon Tilth. If you are a materials manufacturer of fertilizers, pest control materials, composts, or potting soils, you might be eligible  to get your product reviewed and approved as a Certified Kind Approved Material.