Jaya Palmer - Biological Horticultural Consultant.

Jaya Palmer - Biological Horticultural Consultant.

Go Further! Expand your mind with a knowledge drop from a biological horticultural consultant.

We want to help you evolve. We want you to succeed. We want you to take your ecological farming practices further. 

But how can Certified Kind do that? 

One solution is to partner with Jaya Palmer, a biological horticultural consultant that we know and trust. 

To get a sense of who Jaya is and what he offers, listen to Jaya on the Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast - Episode 12 and even more great stuff on Episode 13 - The Future of Cannabis Cultivation.

Suggested topics of conversation include, reducing fertilizer costs, recycling soil, organic IPM strategies, control of hemp russet mites, root aphids, lights, market trends, etc. 

Want more Jaya? Listen to what he had to say at the 2nd Annual Living Soils Symposium

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